Blood Stained

Log Entry

What have I done? I have killed thousands ….. I can feel their blood on my hands and their silenced screams. The alarms were supposed to warn them that the generator would overload…. but as we escaped nice and safe in the transport….. the great rush to evac did not come. I held my breath, why did I hesitate, why did I pause even that moment I should have known. I am supposed to be better than this!

I rode in the ship begging and pleading the people to leave, until I figured I had to do it myself. I knew it would be hard, my best game, not even a chance of mistake, but I could still stop that reaction. I turned to my crew and begged to go back, they denied me! They said there was no time, but I knew I had to try….. I started towards the shuttle and then the world was dark.

Vandin knocked me out. When I woke, it was too late. Their blood on my hands forever, I could no longer alter, and make up for my mistake. Those people paid the price. Now we all would be stuck with it, them in death and me in life. Vandin's eyes were apologetic but I knew he wouldn't give ground either. It wouldn't matter, he was doing what came natural - I can't even blame him fro trying to protect. The only thing I could fault him on was not believing I could.


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