Blue Team

Team: Blue Team
Commanding Officer: General Taylor Castel
Team Members: Rockland Hawk, Kendil, Mrrvyyn, Captain Van Velen, and Nia
Mission: Our team's mission was to quietly scout out Lantia's people and see if we could set up a rebel cell or two on the planet.
Mission Status: Successful
Report: Our team very cunningly made sure that the port control would have no suspicions of our intent by General Castel and Rockland having an argument about the purpose of our visit while on the comm with port control. Our declared purpose of the visit was for the owner of the ship, Rockland Hawk, to find a gambling establishment to loose lots of money in. Of course Rockland was not agreeing with this purpose. We finally managed to land, though we managed to hide the skills of our pilots.
Customs inspectors met us, and they seemed very serious. Curiously, they ignored bribes and performed their inspection without mentioning any issues or even the fact that Rockland apparently had a huge Imperial bounty on him. We later discovered that the head inspector there was one of the dissatisfied people we shall discuss later in the report.
Our team broke into a three prong infiltration and investigation assault of the city.
Castel and Hawk kept their cover and headed for the nearest casino to explore the people they may find in such as establishment. {feel free to add details here} There Castel heard rumors of dissatisfaction with the Imperials, and how there was a split between the Alderaanians and the Lantians, and the name of an intern at the hospital that may be leading a secret discussion group on the subject. She then commed over to Velen to check it out when he could.
Kendil and Mrvyyn went as techs and applied at one of the mining/refining companies looking for work, and talking to the other working class people on the way. They made contact with an administrator who turned out to be part of a dissatisfied secret discussion group as well, and this person gave them the address and time of the next meeting.
Velen took Nia to scout out the sentiments of the youth crowd in the city. First stop being to acquire a better disguise for Nia, then setting up a base of operations in a hotel near the youth hotspot club "Zero G". As they were about to enter the club, Velen recieved the comm from Castel about the person to try to look into at the hospital. As Velen and Nia were already on their way into the club, he determined that the hospital would be the next stop after the club. Inside the club, Velen and Nia split up, but stayed in sight and sound of each other, so as to be able to blend in and talk to separate people without as much suspicion while still being able to help each other if needed. Shortly after arriving, a woman in hospital scrubs bumped into Velen, and after Velen offered to buy her a drink, she introduced herself as Lea, an intern at the hospital. Velen managed to get her to admit to dissatisfaction with the Imperials and that she had a group of similar minded individuals who talked about their issues regularly. They seemed to be at a loss as to what to do about it though. Velen mentioned that some planets had been able to kick out the Imperials with a lot of effort, and she instantly seemed very interested. She invited Velen to come to the meeting they had scheduled that night and gave him the address and time. She then had to leave the club to clean up prior to the meeting. Velen commed Castel back with the meeting location and time and what information he had found out.
The entire team rejoined to go to the "discussion group" that Lea had started. Lea introduced Velen as someone who could tell them how other planets had managed to get the Imperials to leave. Velen told them, that yes, it is possible to get them to leave, but it was not easy. Then he introduced General Taylor Castel and let her take over the meeting and inform them of how best to get started on the road to freedom from the Imperials.

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