Botannical Gardens

Location: Elbaz Station, Habitat Ring, Outside E-Ward.
Available: Sparks 156 - Mystery at Elbaz Station.
Chief Architect: Mercutio Delatea
Description: The entire segment of the Habitat Ring next to the E-ward is consumed by the station’s Botanical Gardens. Though the entire Habitat Ring boasts a variety of plantlife, this section resembles an actual section of Alderaan forest. Once you pass the boundary, grass comes under your feet and trees are on either side. Only the windows out into space remind you that you are on an space station. At the center of the Botanical Gardens, an Alderaan Greatflower Oak stands majestically. Around the Greatflower Oak are a number of benches and verandas, and at any hour beings and droids can be seen enjoying the gardens.

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