Bothan Martial Arts

This style was developed at the Bothan Martial Academy for Bothans, as such when a being other than a Bothan that learns this style generally has to addapt it a little.

In campaign terms:
The offensive skill is a specialization under Brawling and the defensive skill will become a specialization under Brawling Parry and will be called Bothan Martial Arts Parry. Due to this split the possible techniques that can be learned have also been split between offensive and defensive styles. Secondly the character being trained must learn the “basic” techniques before others can be learned. For the offensive skill the character must learn Shoulder Throw first, Hold/Grapple second, and Instant Stun third. For the defensive skill the character must learn Flip first, and Blind-Fighting second. The general rules for learning techniques still apply. The character learns one technique for each full die code Bothan Martial Arts (or Parry) is raised above the Brawling (or Parry) skill. Both the offensive and defensive specializations are learned at the same time as if they were one skill. Due to the rare nature of this skill and the training required, player characters cannot train other characters in this specialization. This skill must be learned from the Bothan Martial Academy, which will either count as a favor used, or one to be owed.

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