Skills / Strength Skills

Time Taken: One round.
Specializations: Specific brawling style — Boxing, Martial Arts.

Brawling is the "melee combat" skill used for fighting hand-to-hand without any weapons. Most creatures have a good brawling skill.
The base difficulty to make a brawling attack is Very Easy unless the target makes a brawling parry roll.
Characters may grapple with their opponents rather than simply slugging them. When grappling, a character is trying to subdue his foe by wrestling him to the ground, pinning his arms so he cannot fight back, or stop him in some other way.
When a character attempts to grapple, increase the difficulty of his attack by +10 — if the attacker achieves a stun result or better, the opponent is at a disadvantage: pinned, in a headlock, or a similar situation. If the attacker wishes, he can automatically inflict normal damage for every round the victim is held at bay. The victim must make an opposed Strength roll to escape, with a -1 penalty for each point by which the character succeeded in his grapple attempt.

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