Brute Mercenary

Brute Mercenary
Dex: 3D+1; blaster, brawling parry, dodge, melee combat, melee parry, thrown weapons, vehicle blasters
Kno: 2D+1; intimidation, streetwise, survival, willpower
Mec: 2D+1; beast riding, repulsorlift ops, sensors, space transports, starship gunnery
Per: 2D+1; bargain, hide, search, sneak
Str: 4D+2; brawling, climbing/jumping, lifting, stamina, swimming
Tech: 3D; blaster repair, demolitions , first aid, security
Species: Whiphid
Move: 9
Force Sensitive: Yes or No {If yes, start with an additional Force point}
Force Points: 1 or 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 5
Credits: 1000
Equipment: Prax “Blast and Smash” blaster rifle (5D blaster rifle with fire rate 7, range 3-25/50/75; micro-grenade launcher with fire rate 1, range 5-25/100/200, blast radius 0-2/4/6; Game Notes: This micro-grenade launcher has a computerized fire control system. If the character can make a Moderate Perception roll (this is a free action and doesn’t count as a skill use, so there are no penalties), the character can add +1D to hit when the weapon is fired; if the character is firing at the same target repeatedly, the character automatically gets the +1D for the second and following shots.), blaster pistol (4D), field armor (+1D physical/+1D energy; torso only), 10 frag micro-grenades (4D/3D/2D), 10 stun micro-grenades (4D/3D/2D), 5 glop micro-grenades (4D/3D/2D; radius 0-1/3/5) ), vibro-ax (Str+3D+1), 3 throwing knives (Str+1D), comlink.

Creation Notes: Species: If you choose to change species to a Wookiee, replace the following equipment and skills.
Prax “Blast and Smash” blaster rifle and all micro-grenades with modified Wookiee bowcaster (5D; damage has been increased by +1D), bandolier with 50 standard quarrels, 10 explosive quarrels (+1D damage), 10 stun quarrels (stun damage only), and 5 glop quarrels (radius 0-1/3/5; damage 6D/5D/3D; opposed strength roll to break free). Also replace blaster and blaster repair skills with bowcaster and bowcaster repair).

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