Burnt Spy

Burnt Spy
Dex:3D; blaster, brawling parry, dodge, running, thrown weapons
Kno: 3D; alien species, bureaucracy , languages, law enforcement, streetwise, survival
Mech: 2D+1; communication, repulsorlift operation, sensors
Per: 3D+2; bargain, con , forgery, hide, investigation, persuasion, search, sneak
Str: 2D+2; brawling, stamina
Tec: 3D+1; computer prog/rep, droid programming, security
Species: Bothan
Racial Abilities: N/A
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes or No {If yes, start with 1 Dark Side point and additional Force point}
Force Pts: 1 or 2
Dark Side Pts: 0 or 1 {starts with Dark Side point if Force sensitive}
Character Pts: 5
Credits: 400
Equipment: street clothes, hold-out blaster pistol (3D dmg), chronometer, 2 fake IDs (name of choice; Forgery = 30), disguise kit (+1D to Con skill when in disguise).
Back Story: The player was part of or spying on an organization until “things went bad”. Now the PC is on the run from said organization.
Contact: During character creation this template selects (created or determined by the player) a contact known to the character. Determine the name, planet location, occupation for this contact and mark it on your update sheet notes section. This contact was made during a deep cover spy mission and may or may not still be in the organization (PC choice). The contact will be favorable to the PC but unable to remove the bounty (see below).
Bounty: The Empire or Criminal Organization chosen by the player at Creation (Jabba, Black Sun, Etc.) has placed capture bounty of 10,000 credits on the character. Automatically reinstated 3 modules later if removed by any method other than payoff with a meeting with the organization leader who placed the bounty (cannot be the contact above).

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