Skills / Knowledge Skills

Time Taken: One round to one day or longer.
Specializations: Field or organization (company, conglomerate, trade guild)—starships, weapons, droids, Sienar Fleet Systems, Corporate Sector Authority, Golan Arms.

The character has a working knowledge of businesses and business procedures. A character skilled in business might want to run his own company, or knows how to convince a warehouse manager to give him a tour of a facility or to allow him to "borrow" a few things in an emergency.
Characters with a high business skill know how much it costs companies to produce goods and will be able to negotiate for good prices direct from a company or distributor. The character probably has several contacts in the business world and can get special favors done for him if he is somewhere where the company has a lot of power.
Discovering information about businesses is also possible with the business skill. Most stores, shops, and markets are Easy to figure out, while factories, service facilities, and public works range from Moderate to Very Difficult depending on their complexity and how much their workers/owners/supervisors want to hide the information from the public. An Heroic business task would be trying to find out how much Jabba the Hutt is making from legitimate companies, or what industries Emperor Palpatine has special interest in.

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