Bye Bye Dantooine Base A Brief Synopsis

Upon arriving at the base, it was discovered that Lt Bren Derlin had
gone missing. Our heroes split into two groups. One stayed behind to
continue the dismantling of the base, while the other went in search
of the missing Lt.

The rescue team arrived outside the outpost, and made a quick change
of clothes/equipment to better blend in. They headed to the Cantina to
begin their search. The barkeep informed them that Mr. Derlin hadn't
been around for a couple days. They also found out that Derlin meets
with a guy named Torean.

They went in search of Torean, but found no one at home. After a few
more dead ends, a clue was delivered from Torean as to Lt. Derlin's
ware(house)- abouts. Upon inspection of the warehouse and it's
basement, they discovered nothing ore than an ambush from a squadron
of stormtroopers, which they quickly overcame.

A return trip to Torean's house, revealed a trap door, a hostaged Lt
and and irate Torean. Some quick shooting and dead-eye accuracy from
Fred freed the hostage and allowed the capture of Mr Torean.

The rescue party, the Lt, the captive and the stormtroopers, all
returned to the base. Everything and everyone was loaded up and
delivered to the rendevous point.

A grateful Lt Berlin thanked his rescuers and invited them to visit
him at his new posting at Alderaan.

As the scene fades we see a troubled Fen, making travel arrangements
to Corellia…

-Aaron M.

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