Bye Bye Dantooine Base Report By Uneeq

Report to: Crucible Sector Commanders
RE: Decomissioning of Dantooine Base

Upon arrival at the Dantooine base, the Crucible Sector forces were split into two groups. One group was asked to go to the nearby Imperial Base and search for the commander of the Dantooine Base, who had gone missing several days earlier. That group's report will be made separately.

The second group, composed mainly of techs, was briefed by the Dantooine base second-in-command.

1. The entire tech team was assigned to work on repairing the entrance to one of the base launch bays that had gotten stuck in the open position. Once fixed, it also needed to be much better camouflaged to avoid detection.
„« First, techs had to analyze the problem and determine how to fix it. Although the base second-in-command had told them it was a particularly thorny problem, the group of techs was still unprepared for the difficulty of the task. Several times, they thought they had correctly diagnosed the problem, only to have their theories shot down. But they kept at it.
„« As they worked, Master Byron got a thoughtful look on his face and wandered off back into the base. He returned in time to complete the repair of the launch bay doors.
„« Forty-five minutes had gone by, and they were still unable to diagnose the problem. They were all huddled around a
particularly vexing panel when suddenly, they heard growls and barks just behind them. Turning quickly, they were just in time to register that a pack of four bull Kath hounds were barreling down on them. Four of the techs were immediately rushed by the fierce animals. Two managed to dodge their assailants, but both Attila and Corbin were wounded. Several of the techs pulled blasters and stunned or injured two of the hounds. Then, turning on the beast that gored his leg, Attila hauled out a decksweeper. Oblivious to his colleagues¡¦ shouts, Atilla pulled the trigger at almost point-blank range. To his surprise, the weapon hit not only his intended quarry, but also three of the techs standing closest to him, including Harold¡Xthe best medic currently at the station. The final hound still standing was quickly dispatched, and then attention
turned to reviving Harold. A med pack was applied and he slowly sat up. After a few moments, he said he felt better and helped revive the others. Several of the techs took it upon themselves to show Atilla the finer points of using a decksweeper in the future.
„« Finally getting back to their assigned task, the techs redoubled their efforts and diagnosed enough of the problem to
assign teams to certain portions. Some of the work was extremely difficult, and required a great amount of teamwork. A few portions of the work were so difficult that only by making a SUPREME EFFORT were they able to finally get the bay doors operational. When he heard they had not only gotten the doors closed again, but also camouflaged, the base second-in-command congratulated them, saying that thanks to their outstanding effort, the base stood a very good chance of remaining undetected¡Xtherefor e available to be re-opened at a future date if deemed necessary.

2. Since the rescue party had not yet returned from the Imperial base, the techs moved on to complete various tasks around the base such as sorting and repairing weapons, droids, and computers. Several individuals made lists of contacts they believed would be interested in purchasing some of the cast-off equipment.

3. Dantoine base personnel loaded all the sorted and repaired equipment onto the transport vehicles that the Crucible rebels had brought. By the time the rescue crew returned, the base was nearly completely packed up and ready for a final inspection before being decommissioned.

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