Campaign Timeline

For reference sake, I have divided the campaign into years according to module number. 1-10 are year one, 11-20 are year two, etc. Furthermore, because the campaign pre-dates the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, our timeline does not exactly correspond with the now canon timeline of Episodes I, II, and III. Most notably the Jedi Purge occurs no more than a decade before the destruction of the Death Star in the Sparks campaign, instead of roughly eighteen years prior the to Death Star as depicted in Episode III.

(Some of these placements are guesses. Consider this a rough draft. Someone more informed can feel free to move things)

Year One (Modules 1-10)
The structure of the Old Republic is slowly crumbling under the leadership of Chancellor Palpatine. Expliditionary programs are steadily being cut in favor or military programs intended to guarantee the security of the Republic. Throughout the galaxy various concerned independents have begun to covertly work against the Chancellor. In Crucible Sector, a businessman by the name of Lans Garner is quietly hiring a variety of individuals both loyal and mercenary to scout out future base locations, move equipment, and gather information.

Year Two (Modules 11-20) - Formation of the Alliance
The Rebel Alliance is formally created under the guidance of Senator Mon Mothma. Rebel Special Forces is also created at this time. (The Rebel Special Forces & Operative templates are now allowed to pay Sparks #1-11 as unaligned mercenaries.')

The Scout Ship Discovery is reclaimed from an Imperial graveyard and transformed into the Crucible Sector's rebel cell flagship.

Chancellor Palpatine is declared Emperor. (tentative…can someone doublecheck the correct year?) The Jedi Purge begins.

Year Three (Modules 21-30)

Year Four (Modules 31-40)
Moff Farrastar is assigned to oversee Crucible Sector.
Bantha Force Makes the scene with its number one single 'Mama don't let your boy grow up to be a bantha rider.'
Lead singer Daryn Startotter (previously believed to have died in a fight on Ord Mandell)
Lyta "Crash and Burn" Miris
M'rath Etra
Pryotechnics Spec. Tik Tik
Jeremy Nightsky
then three others that are unknown at this time

Year Five (Modules 41-50)

Year Six (Modules 51-60)

Year Seven (Modules 61-70)
Moff Farastar is killed.

Year Eight (Modules 71-80)
Crucible Sector rebels raid a variety of ship graveyards, capturing dozens of ships - including several dreadnaughts and other large warships - to be repaired and returned to service. Five ships are renamed in honor of the crew of the Century Eagle, who were killed shortly after during a non-official resource acquisition mission.

Year Nine (Modules 81-90)

Year Ten (Modules 91-100)
Crucible Sector is singled out by the Empire as a Jedi refuge due to the number of known Jedi still functioning within the territory. Hunt activity continues to escalate as Imperial agents seek to exterminate the remainder of the Jedi.

After a series of disastrous missions, four operatives breach security on board the Discovery and uncover the fact that Lans Garner has been replaced by a surgetically altered spy who has been sabotaging operations and engineering the captures and deaths of highly-valued operatives. The spy confessed to working for Youngston Townster.

Year Eleven (Modules 101-110) - The Battle of Yavin (Episode IV)
Crucible Sector Rebels under the direction of Sillo Bluestar stage a successful ambush against a Hunter team.

The Empire attempts a massive military campaign to entirely crush the Rebel Alliance. Major attacks are staged against numerous worlds hosting rebel bases, culminating in the destruction of Alderaan and the attempted destruction of Yavin IV.

In Crucible Sector, major attacks are made against Shiva and Arcwen IV. In the end, both worlds are lost to the Empire although at great cost to both sides. The Discovery sustains heavy damages and is temporarily lost, and Lans Garner is killed in the fighting. Much of the Crucible Sector Rebel cell's leadership relocates
to Insight Base outside of the sector where a space dock is set up to start repairs on the seriously damaged fleet. Lans's brother Brian, former captain of the Discovery, becomes the new leader of the Crucible Sector cell. Operatives disperse throughout the sector, functioning more independently and with less centralization.

Sillo Bluestar is executed at Shiva. His death convinces the Empire that the Crucible Sector Jedi have now been neutralized and the Hunters withdraw to other regions of the Empire.

M'rath Etra is also lost at Shiva. Current information suggests that he was captured by a group of rogue Hunters. Current location and status is unknown.

Year Twelve (Modules 111-120)
Knowledge of the Amulet of Exar Kun becomes public after it is discovered that a rogue Hunter group is tracking down individuals on a list. It is currently believed this list originated with M'rath Etra and that it represents individuals possibly in possession of a piece of this amulet. A number of operatives stage an almost suicidal ambush for the Hunter party, destroying the Hunters and recovering the piece of the amulet possessed by them. The three pieces are currently in the possession of three separate operatives.

Year Thirteen (Modules 121-130)

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