Candles Lit In Memory

On the bottom shelf beneath the Memorial Wall are candles with names of who lit it and to whom they honor.

A candle burning in front of the name of Mord Orlan surrounded by bits of ash.

"To my nephew, Corbin
Love, Rockland"
(a candle is re-lit for Corbin)

"To the brave clones that gave their lives during the clone wars and to the proud members of the 501st. I'm so sorry boys."
Love Omega-2438

Two candles lit in loving memory to T'Thock, and Talon who were like brothers to me.
One candle lit in love and hope to Darikk, may the darkness make the light all the brighter in helping you find your way once more.

In front of a candle is a small pink bow and the message: "Steve, May you be One with the Force."

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