Captured ISB Re-Educated Rebels

The following former Rebels were involved with impersonating the Crucible cell and committing acts of Terrorism (Report Group CC-375, Report CC-375-2).
It is currently believed that they had been captured by the Empire and Re-Educated to do those acts. This is corroborated by information from an informant, computer records from their base, and the fact they were accompanied by Imperial Army Troops disguised as rebels.

You see an attractive Human female with red hair. She has a streak of blonde going trough the right side.
Name: Myrna Los
Highest Alliance Rank Achieved: Colonel
Section: Tipani Special Forces
Career: Myrna made a name for herself has a heavy hitter in the Tipani sector. She was a very skilled martial artist. She’s noted as being one of the first Tipani sector rebels to complete Spec Force training.
Satus: Captured 3 years ago, presumed dead. On the Hope for deprogramming
You see a picture of a man with a square jaw, and a regal bearing. His shaved head only enhances the rest of his rugged features.
Name: Tobias Haerch
Highest Alliance Rank Achieved: Major
Section: Doldur Sector Special Forces
Career: Tobias began his career working on Corellia as part of CorSec. When he heard of a cause to restore the republic he jumped at the chance. He is a small arms expert and considered to be an expert marksman.
Status: Captured 5 years ago, presumed dead. On the Hope for deprogramming
You see a female twilek with pale blue skin and intricate patterns dyed into her lekku.
Name: Erisi Chelchu (Erishel’chu)
Highest Alliance Rank Achieved: Not enlisted but afforded responsibilities commensurate with a rank of Captain
Section: Rebel Cell on Ryloth
Career: Having been a former slave, she joined the rebellion when given the chance. She bounced around between different cells before trying to form a new one on Ryloth, they were successful for a while, but eventually the entire cell was captured.
Satus: 2 years ago, presumed dead. On the Hope for deprogramming
You see a male Cerean with graying hair.
Name: Sarryn Scutu
Highest Alliance Rank Achieved: Lieutenant J.G., Resigned
Section: Rebel Fleet
Career: Sarryn started his career on a Republic Ship of the Line. He joined the Rebellion shortly after being forcibly retired by the New Order. He worked his way up in ranks, but resented not being given rank commiserate with his abilities. He resigned when he realized his resources weren’t being utilized. This opened him up to being used more directly as a consulting agent and tactician
Satus: AWOL 7 years ago, presumed captured. On the Hope for deprogramming
You see a man from the shoulders up. He is wearing a heavy leather coat and is almost completely covered with soot. The exception is around his eyes which have large circular rings and a band where there is no soot. This is explained by the soot covered goggles on top of his head.
Name: Dash Dorien
Highest Alliance Rank Achieved: Ensign/ 2nd Lieutenant
Section: Rebel Fleet Maintenance
Career: Officially Dash earned the rank of Ensign while working his way up through the Rebel Fleet by just maintaining whatever was thrown at him. However, he is also shown as having the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and being sent on Special Forces missions as a demolitions expert. The last time he was seen alive, he was in a room with Imperials and a brick of detonate.
Satus: MIA, presumed heroically sacrificed. On the Hope being occassionally attended to by Nurse Vo
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