Carsunum Black Spice

Equipment / Medical / Drugs

Model: Black Sevari Spice
Type: Physical-enhancing drug.
Cost: 1,000 per dose
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes:

Carsunum users become more intelligent, faster, stronger, and generally more able. Users also experience a mild euphoria and increased confidence. This benefit has a dark side: after the effect wears off, users become listless, sometimes poisoned, and occasionally overdose fatally. Carsunum increases all abilities and skills by +1D for 1D hours. At the end of the effect, the user takes 1D damage for each hour under the influence (the carsunum bonus cannot be applied). Force skills and bonuses from Force Points are decreased by -1D per dose for the appropriate period.

Source: Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide (page 40), Adventure Journal 2

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