Ceremonial Flight Deck

Location: Elbaz Station, Pylon 2, Docking Bay 7
Available: Sparks 156 - Memories of Elbaz Station
Description: Docking Bay 7 is the pride of Elbaz and the preferred entryway for anyone entering or leaving the station. Berths here are reserved for the station’s most esteemed guests, though when none are present berths here can be obtained for an additional docking fee. The docking bay features an enormous mural depicting a forest of Alderaan on all of its walls; the floor has also been painted to resemble the forest floor. Several plants in the docking bay add to the effect. Hookups for ship power, waste removal, and so on are artfully concealed to resemble plants as well. Occasionally, sound generators provide the illusion of birds singing or other animal calls. When ships are present it appears as though they are nestled away in the forest.

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