Cha Wen He

This unusual species looks something like a large flightless avian, but the Cha'wen'he have three heads on long, sinuous necks — two at the front of the body, and one at the rear. Cha'wen'he stand on two stick-thin, meter-long legs, with feet that end in three long, splayed toes. The heel of each foot is tipped with a bony spike about 10 centimeters long. This is used in combat when the Cha'wen'he whips one leg up and around in a slashing motion while pivoting on the other foot.
Dexterity 2D/4D
Knowledge 1D+2/3D+2
Mechanical 2D/3D+2
Perception 2D/4D
Strength 2D/3D+1
Technical 1D/4D
Search: Cha'wen'he gain a bonus if more than one head is being used to scan an area. If two heads are being used the bonus is +1D; if all three heads are being used the bonus is +2D. However, no other actions may be performed while this scanning is being done.
Bony Spur: The Cha'wen'he's bony spur causes STR +1D damage.
Species Memory: Cha'wen'h may select up to 10 standard skills; these skills are considered "species memory" skills. The character can advance these skills as if he or she had a teacher. The character must pay the normal Charcter Point cost to advance the skil, but the learning time is three days if the skill is 4D or less; one week for 4D+1 to 7D; and two weeks for skill codes over 7D. The player must make this list prior to beginning play and the gamemaster has the right to reject or substitute certain skills at will.
Armor: Cha'wen'he get +1D physical/+2 energy armor when their heads are retracted and their scales are drawn close to protect the body. A Cha'wen'he character doing this must remain still and can do nothing else during the round.
Move: 12/14
Pip Cost: 2

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