Character Creation

1.) Select one of the templates listed under Current PC Templates.

2.) Several of the templates have been customized and adjusted to provide starting game balance. In most cases it involves only starting equipment, but in some the attribute values have been fixed. Under no circumstances can the attributes be adjusted during Character Creation. These are fixed based on the chosen template.

3.) Customize your character selection by allocating 7D worth of skill dice. This 7D can be broken into 21 “+1’s” (pips). Three “+1’s” (pips) make up one die, so the progression is 1D to 1D+1 to 1D+2 to 2D to 2D+1 to 2D+2 to 3D…etc. You can allocate from +1 to 2D (6 “+1’s” or pips) to any skill listed on the template. This includes the three Force skills Control, Sense and Alter. You cannot list or improve a skill your character does not start with on the template (this will be covered under learning new skills).
{IE. Bill wants his character Jax to have improved blaster and dodge. He has a Dex of 3D and decides to allocate 2D to Dodge and 1D+2 to Blaster. This gives him a 5D Dodge and a 4D+2 Blaster and 3D+1 worth of dice still to allocate.}

4.) At the time of Character Creation, you can also Specialize in up to three skills. To do this you must allocate one “+1” or pip to the specialization and that specialization is increased by +1D. Once specialized it acts as a separate skill and does not increase if the base skill is increased.

5.) All of the templates have a race listed, usually Human. But if you wish to play another race, you must decide this at the time of Character Creation. You can select any of the races on the list that follows provided that their minimum and maximum attribute limits are not violated by the template you have selected. It also will cost between 0 and 3 starting pips “+1” (depending on the special abilities of the new race). Any special abilities, which give bonuses at the time of character creation, are not being used, so simply disregard those abilities. Also once you have selected the alien race use the minimum move value for all specified modes of movement.

6.) If given the option, chose whether the Character is Force Sensitive or not. Also chose whether the character is a member of the Rebellion or a Freelance Operative.

7.) Finally fill in the information describing your Character’s physical appearance, attitude, objective and even background.

*Note: Up until the start of the 8th module that you play, you may change your template, allocation of the initial 7D, your race and Force affiliation.

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