The slave race of Chevin humanoids, or Chevs, have pale skin and pronounced facial features. Their gently sloping foreheads overshadow lidless eyes that range in color from black to brilliant violet. Their physiology is similar to many other humanoid species, though they are noted for having twin hearts.
They are an especially long-lived species: when one heart ceases to beat because it is worn out, the other takes over. Some Chevs have lived as long as 300 standard years, and their Chevin masters have been known to will prize slaves to relatives.
Dexterity 2D/4D+1
Knowledge 1D/4D
Mechanical 1D/3D+2
Perception 1D+2/4D
Strength 1D+2/4D
Technical 1D/4D
Move: 10/12
Pip Cost: 1

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