Chichi Outfits

Dono the Bounty Hunter
In this disquise Chichi will dye his fur completly black. Dono wears all black. wears an eyepatch over his left eye, and carries many weapons. Notably, a heavily modified hold-out blaster, decksweeper, MerrSonn Stun Grenades, Glop Grenades, a Thermal Detonator, restraints, stun cuffs, restraining bolts, and a droid controller. He has successfully turned in and collected bounties on several slavers. His bounty hunter license is currently up to date.

Captain Reginald Buzzwald III, scurge of the Universe
Wearing a bright, lacy, colorful shirt, grey baggy pants, and knee high boots. This pirate outfit has been worn on several occasions. Accesorizing the outfit includes a vibro-blade, hold-out pistol, a mustache with curled, waxed tips, a black mask covering the eyes and head (with holes cut out for his ears to pop through), red sash around the waist, plenty of 'bling' around the neck, and to complete the outfit a single gold earing clipped onto his right ear. Beware mateys, this here be a scurvy and dangerous villian… Arrhhh!

The Smallest Big Game Hunter
This outfit was worn when applying for position as a jawa control/training officer. It comes complete with khaki shorts, high socks worn with hiking boots (Leaving his furry little knees exposed), khaki vest with lots of pockets, a pith helmet, monocle, stun grenades, decksweeper, and blaster pistols. Look out, he just might be hunting you next.

Darth Squibius
This simple outfit includes a dark hooded robe, belt with pouches, a lightsaber, and an evil sneer. Beware, the dark side of the fur…

Super Squib
This outfit, has only been worn once (in public). It includes a blue body suit with a large yellow double 's' embossed on the chest. Wearing a white flowing cape (also with the yellow double 's' insignia) that never seems to lay still, he is able to bound over mouse droids in a single bound, bend bendy straws with his pinky, and make ladies swoon with but a smile. Protecting his mild mannered secret identity is a white mask. Super squib has defeated the likes of Darth Vader and his evil minioinos, and rescued damsels in distres Taylor Castel and Sara Starsider. Remember, there is no charge for awesomeness.

Deputy Squib
Dressed in a leather vest, blue denim pants, cowboy boots (complete with jingle-jangle spurs), a red kerchief, and cowboy hat this is one squib that is sure to be a hearthrob. Deputy Squib wears his badge and cross draw hold-out blasters with pride and confidence. A piece of wheat sticking out of his mouth, moseying down the dusty street, he pauses to talk to the ladies… one thumb hooked on his belt showing off his jewels. The rhinestone jewels spelling out "ChiChi" on his very large belt buckle. (What were you thinking you sicko?!? Really, ladies and kids read this!)

Lord Ambassador Devon Squeakums Vo the 23rd of the Mighty Squib Trade Consortium
This stylish outfit consists of black formal attire including a top hat (adding another foot to his height), a half-cape, a pair of Joo Jenta Perilous Sunglasses, and a walking cane. As befitting his station, A Fizz-pop complete with a foil cluster is proudly displayed on a chain around his neck. Completing the outfit is what appears to be a small ring and pin from a grenade around his left ring finger. He is completly unarmed and relies on his bodyguards that he brings with for protection. Oh wait, I forgot… he is armed with a small hold-out pistol.

AVS (Arkansas Vandin Squibbums)
This outfit was designed with a single purpose in mind: to ultimately fulfill and ignite the desires and fantasies of a single woman, one Taylor Castell. Very similiar to the Deputy Squibb outfit, this 'disquise' encaompasses the leather vest, blue denim pants, cowboy boots (minus the jingle-jangle spurs), cowbot hat, and badge. The biggest difference in this outfit is the fact that this Squib has died his fur a brilliant shade of blue. It's bound to distract Taylor whenever she sees it, sending her heart a flutter.

Rocket Squib
Based off of the Intergalactic hit "Rocketman" by Bespin Jon, this outfit offers fast personal travel that works in the stars. The most important aspect of this stylish outfit is the HHS Thruster Rocketpack that is strapped on over ChiChi's bomber style jacket. Accessorized by goggles, beige pants, high black boots, and his stylish and reliable 'Last Resort' hold-out blaster this outfit is sure to quickly get ChiChi into or out of the thick of things. Why the HHS Thruster pack you ask? Well we already know chicks dig the fur… but the added thrust it provides drives them crazy!

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