Chichi Zzingnut

ChiChi Zzingnut is a Squib with reddish brown fur with several white splotches. He tends to wear fine loose fitting clothes (so as not to wrinkle his fur). Usually, loose fitting baggy pants, high boots ('cause there cool), and a vest of some sort to frame his gorgeous chest fur (the women dig it). Additionally, he wears a washer around a finger, and when asked about it he just smiles. The washer on string around his neck though is a talisman he found that protects him from harm. He can most often be found at a gambling table, smoking a cigar, with lots of chips in front of him, and at least two females beside him.

Other outfits and disguises...

ChiChi Zzingnut is a Squib of little renown… in other words there's a good probability that you haven't heard of him (yet). He comes from a small family of 82, and has over 20 brothers and sisters. For a time he was a 'spy' on an Imperial Star Destroyer, giving away coordinates to his clans momship to pick up all of the treasures that the Imperials would routinely discard. Unfortunately, ChiChi's career as a spy came to an end when the Rebel Alliance destroyed the ISD, however he was able to comm his momship and have them come and salvage the pieces of the battle. He has since been wandering the galaxy in the search for more money, and interesting tidbits. He unfortunately crossed an unknown line with the criminal organization Black Sun, when he 'cleaned' several thousand credits from one of their agents. He has since been trying to lay low with his new 'clan' of friends in the Rebel Alliance. He has recently found out that he has three (3) wives, that the Squib High-ups felt would help guide ChiChi back into the ancient High Squibbian traditions. Unfortunately, it seems that ChiChi is not quite ready for this step, and as it was illegal to shoot his own wives, he married Jynx (a fellow human rebel) that he had been seeing (among others) to keep them in line. (It seems that it is not against tradition for the wives to fight and kill each other…)
As Chichi had been taking on missions for the rebel alliance he has been able to remove the pesky bounty that Black Sun had placed on his head for the unfortunate misunderstanding. Additionally, he and Jynx have grown much closer and even managed to get all of his marriages annulled except for the one to her. The divorce papers are framed on the wall behind the bar in their "love nest". She is now the number one lady on paper as well as in his heart.


  • ChiChi is in a perpetual good mood, and is constantly joking and plotting. If he's quiet you'd best watch your belongings. If he's out of sight and not heard from in more than 5 minutes, you'd best send out a search party as trouble is sure to come knocking.
  • ChiChi loves to gamble and tends to "find items" that other people have misplaced or lost. He can't abide Jawa's or filthy Ulgors as they have corrupt trade practices and they tend to deal in basic "junk", as opposed to the refined Squib race. He has a very high energy level, has a hard time sitting still, and loves to be around company of the female persuasion.
  • He honestly cares for the Rebellion and realizes that the Empire is a corrupt government. Additionally, he would never knowingly put any of his compatriots in harm's way (how they perceive these situations however, is another story).
  • He truly loves his 4th only wife Jynxie. He recently found out just how much he cared about her when he thought he lost her… this resulted in the first time ever that he charged into a combat in a fit of rage.
  • It has started to come out, that ChiChi has a fierce loyalty to those that he deems to be his family. As of right now the list is of a very few gentlebeings, and even fewer have seen the extremes he will do to protect his family. After all, "Family is very important."
  • Finally, despite all his boasting and blustering… there are some that are begining to catch a glint of a very different side of the squib.

Wife and lead lady in his life
That big ugly lizard with the black tattoos
Taylor Castel
Booberry aka "Vandin-Vronbeck"
Adopted Daughter #1 (Sal)
Adopted Daughter #2 (Snarf)
Adopted Daughter #3 (Ari)

Sara Starsider, very close to a sister-in-law
Family Physician, Doctor Melisaande
...and her youthful, green Rodian ward
Chimara, not entirely sure about this one... could be trouble
Choth Tamith, this man likes his droids a little too much
Lyta "Crash & Burn" Miris
Fen Bel Ibis (Only because Lyta married him, he better take care of her!)
Uneeq (and yes she is...)
Dee (not sure if she's a 'friend' anymore, but a favorite target for annoyances)


  • ChiChi Zzingnut
  • Super-duper Lieutenant Captainisimo ChiChi Zzingnut of the 42nd Squib Irregulars
  • Super-duper Lieutenant Captainisimo ChiChi Zzingnut of the 42nd Squib Irregulars, retired
  • Super-duper Lieutenant Captainisimo ChiChi Zzingnut of the 42nd, Squib Irregulars, retired, Savior of the Jawa Nation
  • Dono the Bounty Hunter
  • Space Cowboy
  • Gangster of Love
  • Maurice
  • Speaker of the pompitous of Love
  • My little Squibbie
  • Squibums
  • BS team member of the Month
  • BS team member of the Year (only other candidate was killed in prison transport)
  • Captain Reginald Buzzwald III, Scourge of the Universe
  • Rabid Squib of Raging Doom
  • Darth Squibius
  • Master of Squib Martial Arts (You really want a demonstration of this?!?)
  • SuperSquib; righter of wrongs and the wronger of rights!
  • The Furry Fabio of Female Fantasies
  • His royal Squibiness, the super-duper maginificient and benevelont Emperor of the Our System (Exiled)

"I might be mistaken, but that might be a little obvious…" Master Kai to Taylor Castel as ChiChi was hovering 1 meter off the ground in a cape and mask posing as SuperSquib!

"Wait… You were serious about that?!?" Said just about every other adventure.

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing" Said to T'Thok while discussing how to get the Dark Jedi hunting the Exar-Kun gemstones to the trap.

"I'm what?!?" Exclaimed when he found out he now had three Squib wives, which were married to him in his absence by the SMC.

"I have a WHAT?!?" Exclamation to his wife and friend when he has told he had a 150,000 credit alive only bounty on his head. This has since been resolved and removed.

"That squib has all of the Chutzpah of a Rancor in a 1 meter tall plush form." - Anonymous

"You want ME to teach YOU what?!?" Fred Slick to ChiChi after recovering from shocked laughter after being asked to teach the furball Rocketpack Operations

What's a Squib do when he's not rescuing the Galaxy?

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