Name: Chimara Jedi Knight
Race: Human
Planet of Origin: Coruscant
Occupation: Chef
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Red
Gender: Female
Age: Early thirties (could be younger)
"You saw that?"
"I don't have syphilis!"
"Oh look your brother."
"Don't hit me hit the Jawa."
"Mr Rebel is going to put his gun down and Mrs Rebel is going to take you inside and give you Small World."
"Imperial Star Destroyers in orbit. That's is kinda cool. Oh wait no."

Weapon of Choice: Heavy blaster pistol (the energy bold it pink) and a primitive pump action slug thrower (shot gun) Lightsaber and Jawa. I"m kidding!

Random Information:
Owner of the Blue Dawn YT - 2400 a medium freighter
The Blue Dawn is piloted by a integrated droid named Hal
Has lost 6 lightsabors, half of them in combat, and built 4.

Chimara like many younglings raised within the Jedi order never knew who her parents were. It was unclear if she would ever possess significant power in the force. She was assigned to Master Zoe, librarian and caretaker of the Jedi archives in the Jabi Town district of Coruscant.

Although only five years old, Chimara has vague memories regarding Order 66. She recalls not being able to sleep that night, and as a result helping her master take hard copies of research material to a friend of Master Zoe's who was working late.

The destruction of the Jedi Temple (GenCon interactive 2001) caused Master Zoe to persuade Chimara to join the rebellion, even if it meant lying about her age.

After the death of Master Zoe, Chimara came to regard the members of the rebellion as family, for better or worse. She began learning the ways of the force from various different numbers of the rebellion which caused her to develop a somewhat mixed opinion regarding the force. The Jedi philosophy that made up her foundation was beginning to slip away due the war and opinions regarding the force within the rebellion.

Chimara eventually reached a point in which she and her abilities could no longer hide behind adolescence and the skill of those around her. The turning point was when her irresponsibility put a bounty on someone whom Chimara cares a great deal about. This event coupled with a conversation with General Fen and others with Talor and Stinky, caused Chimara to begin to really think about the consequences of her actions as well as those around her.

Chimara has rebuilding her foundation and reshaping all that she's learned to fit that new found foundation. Taking in all she has learned, all that she is capable of, and the possible outcomes, Chimara now sees the wisdom once again within the Jedi philosophies and has begun to implement them.

She will continue to faithfully serve all those within the rebellion and do whatever it takes to help them in achieving peace, while at the same time doing what she can to preserve the philosophies of the Jedi and to pass them on to a new generation. Regardless of how many Lightsabers she may need to build and replace, or how many of her hands she may need to replace.

Her Jedi Trials where long and enduring. The master she chose at the start had a different philosophy than her and events in the rebellion made passing them impossible. The second master she found had a different philosophy than her first master and they worked great together. Her Jedi trials became less of a personal challenge and proving that she was worthy, and more of a journey and exploring one's self in the force and her place in the Jedi Order.

Master Yoda: “Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things.”

Master Qui-Gon Jinn: "And I can only protect you. I can't fight a war for you."

Alek Squinquargesimus: "We'll go to the front – and beyond it, if it'll save the galaxy. Sometimes you have to enter the darkness to save the light." (He would soon become Darth Malak)

“Our place is not at the front line carving a new destiny for the galaxy, but in the back helping those who are, and protecting those who can't.”

People Chimara considers friends

Fred Slick: This man was willing to space himself to save me. I enjoy being around him yet know very little about him. I want to open up to him, but not sure how he will take me.

Talon Longsong: I don’t open up to a lot of people in the rebellion. I started to with Talon but then he got shot down. I hope this isn’t a trend. I miss him.

Dee'Laan Gad'wa-Heega: A mentor and closest thing to a sister I have. I welcome anything she has to say about me.

Taylor Castel: She would freak if I called her master or mother. Big sister I guess is the best term. oh and Tech Goddess. I need to figure out a way to mess with her and her tech. I have no clue how her ship works most of the time. She perhaps sees me better than anyone i know.

Fen bel Iblis: This guy is so intense. The first time he pulled me aside to talk to me he scolded me. I don’t take criticism from people as well as I want to. I’m getting better. I could not bring myself to be defensive with him. If anyone can get him to stop being a solder its Lyta

Lyta “Crash & Burn” Miris: When things couldn’t have gotten any worse for me, she was there for me. Now that I think about it, my being closed off from others killed any chance of me getting to know and understand her. There are a lot of things I feel I can learn from her if I can bring myself to open up to her.

ChiChi Zzingnut: He doesn’t trust me. His wife won’t let me touch him. Yet the emotions I get from him put me to ease. I totally dig the fur.

Choth Tamith: Always tends to be there to save my life. I can sense his “Don’t worry; I’ll just hit it with a bigger gun.” mentality. Reminds me of the better things in life.

Corbin Maxx: He cut off my hand with a lightsabar! Then again I did brain him with a dumb bell. I love being around him nevertheless. He is so the wrong person, yet I can’t convince myself of this. He will be truly missed

Kas'tor: As a human growing within the protection of the Jedi Order, the notion of slavery was very out of sight and out of mind. It is because of Kas'tor that I not only avoided it, but have a new found respect for those who battle it with a level I ferocity I normally would condone.

Jynx: She is like me in a sense. Reserve and quiet, only taking charge when it’s really necessary. She steps out of line and nukes a building and it’s ok. Yet when I step out of line and pull out my lightsabar people freak. What the frack.

Sara Starsider: I’m starting to get to know her as well as Jynx. Her optimism is something I really treasure when I’m with her.

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