Choth Downtime Combat Practice 1

Ok, Choth the score is 15 - 3, your favor. That means everyone else on your side is out and there are still five left on the other team. Looks like this is going to be another one of those close calls as everyone calls it.

Choth continues to weave between cover and obstacles in the adhoc combat simulator on /The Discover. Then he sees a small group of the other team off to his left pulling a small defensive position together.

Looks like a perfect use of my last stun grenade.

Choth toss the grenade in the middle of the group and hears a few choice words as they attempt to take cover all too late. The score in his HUD updates to 19-3. There is still one other out there in this maze of a room.

"Got you with a safety kill, Choth." Choth hears behind him.

"You're assuming that shot is going to take me down." Choth responds as he swings around to use is stun gauntlets.

There is a set of blue circles that slams into Choth as he follows through with his punch. He feels a bit of numbness go through him but not enough to stop him. The punch lands and he sees the last opponent begin to fall unconscious when he hears the wet cracking sound of a bone or two breaking.

Two hours later in Lem Salizar's office

"So explain this to me again, Choth. Why exactly did you turn storage bay 1 into a giant combat simulator?"

"Um…a good training opportunity?"

"A good training opportunity. You were using real weapon, real explosives…"

"They were stun grenades not real ones, just ask Master Sergeant Vo there is a difference…"

"Ok, stun grenades…on the flag ship, in the middle of our main storage area. What if someone wandered in there that wasn't 'playing', as you called it?"

"That was what the observation box above was for, to eliminate possible accidents."

"You mean like the trooper you sent to The Hope for bacta treatment?"

"That was a complete fluke. I have no idea why that happened."

"I do. You got into your 'crunch the opposition' mission mode and forgot that you were on the same side."

"That is so not fair, I'm not just some psychotic destructive force that only knows how to break things."

"Well, I'm going to cut you some slack. You're not getting paid for the next mission AND if I hear about you being involved in another one of these 'training opportunities' on any ship in the fleet you'll be spending a week in the brig. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes." Choth responded barely audibly.

"Good, now get out of my office and go do something that is actually productive for the fleet."

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