Choth Downtime Combat Practice 3

An armored warrior stands in the middle of a dark area. The only light is a small fire that is burning to his back. He stands as if he is waiting for something.

Then blaster fire errupts from the darkness. It comes from several dirrections as he attempts to move and adjust his body so the bolts miss him. He is too slow, but as the bolts hit the reason becomes more apparent. He is too slow because of the heavy armor he wears.

This continues on through the night and as dawn begins to break the blaster fire slows to a hault. A single figure approaches as the armored warrior takes of his helmet.

"I think I did a little better that time." Choth says to the figure with his helmet under his arm.

"A bit, but we still don't understand why this is so important for you to work at."

"Every bit is going to count."

"If you say so, when do we start again?" The figures says as it moves away.

"A few hours after dark." Choth responds as he takes a seat on the ground.

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