Choth Downtime Construction 4

There still hasn't been any contact with the fleet. It has been going on a few months now and I'm not liking this. The Death's Hammer as offered to go look for it but I don't think that will do me any good just yet.

Most of the landing pads are in working order or at least fixed enough to land on. We cleared the scraps of the ships that were on the landing pads into a pile that we've been using, after smelting, to repair parts of the structure.

We finally found how all the critters were getting into the kitchen area, man was that a pain. It ended up we had to torch the entire area, which put a nice dent in the progress for that area, but the critters are gone finally.

We finally finished repairing the door to the storage area. That was a pain from all of the cutting and playing with the controls.

I may need to go find the fleet soon…

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