Choth Downtime Construction 7

I've begun surveying the area around the construction site for not only a good spot for a ship maintenance/repair bay but also heavy defenses.

So far the rest of the site continued to move forward fairly well. It looks like progress may be hindered by a research project that is keeping most of the droids busy, but the project will continue.

I picked out a spot near one of the smaller landing pads as the location for the bay. I may attach a research area as a side site to that, it really depends on time and resource availability. I had to pick up some of the things I normally get at the fleet elsewhere after Lem's last fit. Apparently he wanted some answers as to where this was all going. I refused to answer the question and was told that I would have to find another source of supply then, so I did.

I've also begun thinking about adding a garden type area so that I won't have to buy as large amounts of food supplies every visit to the site.

The defenses are going to need to be gained as found on ops, especially with Lem's additude, rather than gained through the fleet.

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