Choth Downtime Random 1

So I finally to Briea to a nice resturant like I agreed to. I found out when she was going to be off shift ahead of time so I could set it up.

I decided to call in a favor with a magnificent chief I ran across a while back. He owed me for getting him out of some trouble and also getting him some…hard to aquire ingrediants. That managed to cut the waiting list from three months to non-existant for me which was nice.

So I contacted Briea 'to find out' if she was free and was interested in that dinner. She spent a little while checking her 'schedule' and finally said she was available. I told her to meet me at one of the airlocks in a nice dress for an up-scale dinner.

Things went…well not perfectly for a while after that. I made it on time with no problems but my 1210 was the only ship that I managed to pull into service in time, not the best first impression. Apparently she'd heard tons about the ships that techs had sunk years into and was expecting something like that, one step down the ladder. Then we landed at the planet and customs didn't even come out to meet us, can you say 'not helpful', so she was thinking we were on some back-water-ball-o-mud, another step down the ladder. We couldn't get a taxi to the resurant so we had to walk, again a step down the ladder. We were seated promtly upon our arrival, not a bad start since the people behind us waited twenty minutes but she didn't notice that.

The meal was amazing, definately some of his best work, plus he even came out to check on us. This did impress her a bit but she kept expecting something exciting to happen apparently, like in the holo-dramas, so she seemed rather board with our conversation.

Oddly enough a comm call marked the turning point. The fleet called me to come in so we could have missed desert, but I decided we'd take it to go. The chef again came out to say farwells and wish us luck on our travels, he slipped me a note too. So we are walking back towards the ship, again the taxi's were nowhere to be found, and some thugs step out of an alley with some nasty, cobbled together melee weapons. I immediately hand the deserts to Briea, don't want them getting spoiled, and turn towards the thugs. Apparently I need to work on verbally expressing my threats though my demonstration skills are more than adiquet. I told the thugs they didn't want to be like the light poles which drew looks of confusion from everyone but me. After repeating it twice, I finally struck the light pole nearest to us with one hand snapping in free and then snapped it again over my knee. The thugs finally understood what I was talking about and ran away. This experience caused Briea to walk at a much faster pace towards the ship after that. I really thought I had finished blowing the night.

Lets just say, I was wrong on why she speed up and I really didn't want to leave my ship to go on Fred Slik's little mission after we were on board but duty calls, right.

I did read the note after the mission, it said: you're welcome for the trip home and could you get me more of that meat…

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