Choth Downtime Research 5

I've been going through the datapads that I've recovered and had the droid crew 'assist' me with cracking the coding and encryption.

It appears there has been a lot of travel by the creators of this mess I'm hunting down. I think I may give some of the intel to intelligence but with Lem's most recent additude fit I'm not sure if that is something I want to do. He has no sense of humor and seems to be getting power hungry or something like it. Apparently he can talk as he pleases but if you talk back it is docked pay. Oh well, it isn't like all my income comes from him.

But back to the subject at hand, I've looking at two to three possible points to pull an opperation at with the recent release of information from the datapads. I even obtained a new ship to use for this cause I'm sure there will be problems for its future use after I'm done. Now I may need some new armor or other gear to help keep me a little less reconizable. I would hate to have this backlash a little too much…

Over all though it needs to be done. The droids assure me that there will be more data ready on the next trip back.

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