Choth Tamith

Race: Human
Homeworld: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0” (1.83 m)spaWeight: 250 lbs (114 kg)
Skin: A Pale Tanspace spHair: Black with Red Tints

The Death’s Hammer (A Barloz Freighter, hasn’t been seen for a while)
The Assault (YT-1210, hasn’t been seen for a while)
The Reckoning (Firespray Patrol Craft, origins unknown)
The Floating Dust Bunny (PB 950, Co-owner, part of the Talon's Claw Fleet)

Mr. Tamith is best known in the Alliances for being able to throw a punch that breaks about anything. It’s been said that he is his own ground assault team and owns a second one.

As of late, Mr. Tamith has been seen practicing medical skills to help his teammates and others. In addition, he seems to be learning a few more social skills to refine a bit of his rough image but is still always ready to go ‘crunching’ through enemies.

Not much is known of Mr. Tamith's past prior to his coming in contact with Lans Garner and thereby the Rebel Alliance. What has been gathered, from skills he’s displayed, is that at some point during his past he studied on Bunduki with the Followers of Palawa. This has been speculated at due to his use of the Martial Arts form known as Teräs Käsi or “steel hands." This was more or less confirmed when he was asking about ‘a fellow student’ that he had heard was working with the alliance early in his dealings with the Alliance. Unfortunately for Mr. Tamith, the person he was asking about had died around the time he first began working with the Rebel Alliance while she was on a mission.

Mr. Tamith seems to have a pack rat's nature when it comes to weapons and armor, as he always seems to have this type of equipment ready to use or to loan to other team members. Where all of this equipment has come from is a mystery and the fact that more keeps showing up has lead some in Intelligence to wonder where he stores all of this equipment when it isn’t in use. The fact that he doesn't appear to be worried about this leads Intelligence to believe that the location is quite secure, which by his general standards should make it easier to find than has proved to be the case by our inquiries.

One thing that is for sure, is that the Alliance is lucky to have him fighting on our side. This has been proven time and again when Mr. Tamith has gone one-on-one, without any weapons, against Dark Jedi and walked away with only a few singes on his body armor, unlike the Dark Jedi. Mr. Tamith can be quiet the destructive force when he wishes to and the focus on ‘crunching the other side’ he has shown in combat, even when severely out numbered, has put more than one team member on edge. Another odd habit observed is his collecting and extensive examination of lightsabers taken from fallen foes. He seems to consider the gaining of said lightsabers more valuable than other items he normally goes after.

Mr. Tamith constantly is keeping track of as much of what is happening both with the fleet and those that work with the Alliance. He frequently stops by when he is with the fleet to get all of the Mission Reports that he has the clearance to obtain. This has paid off more than once to those he has been on missions with when facing things that there have been obscure reports about.

Mr. Tamith seems to be at odd with the head of intelligence since the most recent part of the Amulet incident.

An odd thing as of late is that Mr. Tamith has been disappearing for long periods of time with large amounts of building materials. During these times we have been unable to reach him at all, which has led some to believe that he is going beyond most communication relays. He has also been returning in need of restocking his supplies on his ship which leads us to believe that wherever he has been going is rather isolated. The ratio of restock to time gone has begun to go down which may be due to restocking elsewhere (especially after his last supply incident with Lem) or the location is beginning to become self sustataining.

As of our mission to Kamar (Concentric '11), it was speculated that Mr. Tamith may have some military or paramilitary training due to his reports after being asked to scout ahead of the infiltration team.

Known Associates:

  • List currently being complied by intelligence…

Random Things About Choth:

  • Choth has an Assault Team
  • Generally seems bored when on a ship
  • Has an oddly large amount of knowledge on what a Force-User can do that he tends to points out to them
  • Has a severe dislike of being out of body armor.
  • Was working with Talon Longsong on privateering missions as part of Talon's Claw before Talon's demise
  • Is almost always up to go on a mission as the 'brute force' or 'ground pounder'
  • Keeps logs of his spare time
  • Seems to be a little superstitious

Choth's Assault Team
This team is composed of multiple droids (or as far as command knows is only droids). Currently there are several known types from reports.

Hammer – This refers to a droid or group of droids that run The Death’s Hammer. The main purpose of this is supposed to be extraction.

Niner - This droid was a humanoid shaped droid that had Storm Commando Armor as an outer casing. It was reported lost during a mission. Details on how exactly it was 'lost' are quite vague.

Stealth - This is believed to be one or more droids. The actual number of droids is in question along with the exact capabilities. It/they have been reported as capable Snipers/Grenadiers on reports of mission they have supposedly been on. The primary reason that there is so much uncertainty is that the droids have some sort of distortion system that makes them quite difficult to detect.

Stitch - This is a 2-1B droid that Mr. Tamith owns. It was insturamental in verification of the Lans Garner look-a-like being a fake during what has been referred to as The Discovery of Evil Lans.

Tin - This humanoid shaped droid has accompanied Mr. Tamith on multiple missions. Rumors exist that the droid is quite capable as a lie detector, though this has never been verified. It has been reported to have had a disagreement with Mr. Tamith during missions leading to the possibility that it may actually be an independent droid just working with Mr. Tamith.

There may be more droids/personnel but if they do exist there hasn’t been any mention of them in any reports to date.

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