Climbing Jumping

Skills / Strength Skills

Time Taken: One round.
Specializations: Climbing, jumping.

Use this skill when a character attempts to climb a tree, wall or cliff, leap a wide gap, or jump up and grab an outcropping.

Here are some sample climbing/jumping difficulties:

  • Very Easy: Using ladders and rope walkways to climb around in the Ewok villages.
  • Easy: Jumping from rooftop to rooftop if the roofs are only a couple of meters apart.
  • Moderate: Leaping and grabbing the end of a starship's entry ramp as the ship rises for takeoff.
  • Difficult: Swinging across a shaft in the Death Star on a rope with a princess in your arms.
  • Very Difficult: Springing from a carbon freeze pit before the mechanism activates. Leaping from one speeding vehicle to another during a chase through the forests of Endor.
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