Club 17

Location: Elbaz Station, Habitat Ring, Outside F-Ward.
Available: Sparks 156 - Mystery at Elbaz Station.
Store Owner: Algernon
Description: The sign over the door might have once read ‘Cargo Bay 17’, but with a little creative spraypainting CluB 17 was born. The external walls of the Cargo Bay have been replaced with windows, giving two panoramic views of the space around Elbaz Station. One window provides a view into Docking Bay 3, where Algernon's repair crews work night and day to repair ships and provide the club some entertainment. In the Cargo Bay, a large bar has been built into the center of the room with a number of barstools surrounding an impressive array of mind-altering liquors. Small tables scattered throughout the room provide a more intimate setting. Much of the light in the room comes from the large windows, though some does trickle in from soft illumination overhead. During the evening hours, a Nalargon player on the stage fills the room with gentle melodies. In one corner, a few tables of Sabacc and Pazaak are overseen by RH7 Cardshark Droids.

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