Combined Actions

When characters or NPC’s attempt to combine actions, you must first determine who is commanding the group (usually the person with the highest Command skill). That character or NPC has to beat the required difficulty as determined by the number of people being coordinated and their average skill level (see attached chart). If the person commanding is involved in the combined group, remember that they will suffer a –1D multiple action penalty. If the Command roll beats the difficulty, then the indicated bonus is added to the character with the highest skill in the involved group for that action. If the action has multiple skill checks, then the bonus is applied to all of them. In the case of shooting the bonus is applied to the skill check to hit and to the weapon damage (average of the weapons being used if they are different. If the required difficulty roll is missed, then consult the chart below to see what difficulty level was made for that average skill level. That will determine how many people were successfully commanded. There is a logical limit to how many characters or NPC’s can combine on certain actions and there are some actions where combining cannot be accomplished at all. This is left to the discretion of the Gamemaster.

# Coordinated 1D 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D+ Bonus
2 M M E E E VE VE VE +1D
4 D M M M E E VE VE +2D
6 D D M M M M E E +3D
10 D D D M M M E E +4D
15 VD D D D M M M E +5D
25 VD VD D D D M M M +6D
40 VD VD VD D D D M M +7D
60 H VD VD VD D D D M +8D
100 H H VD VD VD D D D +9D
150 H H H VD VD VD D D +10D
250 H H H H VD VD VD D +11D
400 H H H H H VD VD VD +12D
600 H H H H H H VD VD +13D
1000 H H H H H H H VD +14D
1500 H H H H H H H H +15D
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