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Time Taken: One round.
Specializations: Leader's unit — Rogue Squadron, Imperial stormtroopers.

Command is a measure of a character's ability to convince gamemaster characters and subordinates to do what they're told. Command shouldn't be used against other player characters to force them to do something against their will — these situations should be handled through roleplaying interaction.
The skill is often used in combat situations, such as a squad leader commanding his troops or a Star Destroyer captain telling his gunners which enemy ship to target.
When a character uses command, determine a difficulty number.

  • Very Easy: Characters have every reason to obey. (Stormtroopers taking orders from an Imperial admiral.)
  • Easy: Characters have some reason to obey. (A bunch of Rebels from different units working together to fight off Imperial troops.)
  • Moderate: Characters have no reason to disobey. (A crowd of civilians being commanded to "Move along" at an accident scene.)
  • Diffiuclt: Characters are skeptical or suspicious. (A bunch of Ewoks who are carrying you lashed to stakes.)
  • Very Difficult: Characters have every reason to be suspicious. (Imperial troops who think you're a Rebel agent.)
  • Heroic: Characters have no reason at all to listen to you. (Imperial troops when you're dressed like a Rebel.)

Command is also used when coordinating projects with many workers, such as manufacturing ships in space dock and other complex operations. See Combined Actions.

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