Company At Last

Wearing only some boy shorts and a tank top, Reon knelt down beside the makeshift tub and squeezed some Extra Bantha Strength Shampoo onto the black dog's mangy spine and began to work up a lather. The dog, who was tethered to the towel rack on the wall, looked up sadly at his new owner and wined.

"Come on boy, it's not that bad" she said, massaging his fur gently. "You'll feel much bettter afterwards, I promise."

The dog shook his fur in reply, coating Reon in soap suds and mud.

"Thanks" she muttered, not bothering to towel it off. She was figuring she'd have to clean up after this anyhows.

She rinsed the animal's fur, and unflinchingly faced another tremendous shake from the dog's wet fur before letting him step out of the tub and drying him off. His tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth and his tail thumped against the floor, a momment latter his hind leg began to wildly beat the floor as she scratched him behind the ears. She giggled, thinking how Squibie did the same thing.

Squibie she thought. She hadn't seen him in months, only able to chat with him on the comms once. It had sounded like something disruptive was going on, which had worried her a little until she realized that Sara was there. Looking down at the dog she smiled wistfully. Well, at least I won't be alone on the ship anymore.

Leaving the dog where he was, she dumped the dirty water into the refresher before hopping into the shower. Afterwards she untied the dog and let him follow her to her room where she got dressed.

"Come on…"she began as she turned out of the room to get something for both of them to eat before bedtime, then paused and stared down at her nameless companion.

He had had a collar on when they found him wandering around the remains of a camp, but there was no name tag and she hadn't thought much of it until now. Shrugging, she led the nameless dog towards the main area to get a bite to eat.

The dog was thin, and waited patiently albeit hungrily, as Reon poured some rations into a bowl and placed it on the floor. She'd have to buy kibble when she got the chance. And a new collar…and some toys.

Finished with his meal, the dog accompanied Reon back to her room and snuggled under the crook of her arm as she laid down to sleep. She petted his fur, not as soft as her hubby's was, and shut her eyes. He was hers now…and she had all the time in the world to come up with a name. She was just glad that from now on her trips to and from place to place wouldn't be so lonely anymore.

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