Computer Programming Repair

Time Taken: One round to several minutes, hours or days.
Specializations: Type or model computer — portable computer, bio computer.

Characters use this skill to repair and program computers — it also covers a character's familiarity with computer security procedures and his ability to evade them. When a character attempts to defeat computer security and get access to restricted data or programs, determine a difficulty.

  • Very Easy: Public data. Your character's credit balance.
  • Easy: Public data, but finding it may take a little more research. Who owns a building or starship.
  • Moderate: Private data. A person's diary, or their credit balance.
  • Difficult: Secret data. A corporation's records, military plans.
  • Very Difficult: Top-secret data. The Navy's cloaking device plans, a Grand Moff's itinerary.
  • Heroic: Information that only a select few individuals would know. The location of all of Emperor Palpatine's secret weapons vaults.

If the character beats the difficulty number, he retrieves the information he was looking for. If the roll is less than half the difficulty number, the computer's security system becomes aware of the intruder and triggers all alarms.

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