Control Breathing

Control Breathing
Control Difficulty
spaceM (15)
Alter Difficulty
spaceVD (20)
Required PowersConcentration, Hibernation Trance, Telekinesis
Power may be kept ‘up’
Effect – This power allows a Force-user to control the amount of oxygen flowing into their body. The Force-user takes control of the surrounding atmosphere, pulling oxygen molecules through the skin and into the lungs. With this power the Force-user can effectively breathe underwater, and conversely, a water breather could survive on land. This power negates the need for a breath mask, mechgill or any rebreather gear. In the cold of space or a hard vacuum, however, this power would be of little use. Even if the Force-user could somehow survive the drastic changes in pressure or the extreme temperatures, there is not enough oxygen in these environments for the Force-user to “grab”. The power will remain up until the character either takes incapacitating damage or willfully drops it.
Located – Tales of the Jedi Companion Sourcebook p. 56

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