Control Disease

Control Disease
Control Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – Mild Infection (Cold)
spaceE (10) – Modest Infection or Illness (Bad Flu)
spaceM (15) – Severe Illness (Gangrene)
spaceD (20) – Life-Threatening Disease (Tuberculosis)
spaceVD (25) – Massive Long-Standing Disease (Cancer)
spaceH (30+) – Rapid-Acting, Life-Threatening Disease

Power may be kept ‘up’.

Time to Use – Using this power requires the Force-user to meditate for half an hour. If the disease is long standing or life threatening, the Force-User must make repeated skill attempts over the course of several weeks or months to cure the disease entirely. (GM’s discretion)

Effect – Direct and control antibodies and healing resources to counter disease in the Force-User’s body.

Located – 2nd Edition Revised Rulebook p.143

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