Control Mind

Control Mind
Control Difficulty
spaceE (10) – for a Dark Side Force-user
spaceM (15) – for a Light Side Force-user
Sense Difficulty
spaceTarget’s Control or Perception Roll – modified by relationship
Alter Difficulty
spaceChart Below – modified by proximity
space spaceNumber of TargetsspaceDark SidespaceLight Side
space space space1space space spaceVE (5)space spM (15)
space space space2space space spaceE (10)space spD (20)
space space space3space space spaceM (15)space sVD (25)
space space space4-5space space spaD (20)space spH (30)
space space space6-8space space spaVD (25)
space space space9-15space space spH (30)
Warning – User automatically gains a Dark Side Point, plus an additional Dark Side Point for every evil action the user forces the target to undertake.
Required PowersAffect Mind, Receptive Telepathy, Telekinesis
Power may be kept ‘up’, but the Force-user must make a new power roll whenever he adds or switches targets.
Effect – The use of this power allows a Force-user to take control of other people, turning them into puppets that must serve the Force-user’s will – they must serve the Force-user like automatons. This power may not be used on droids or computers.
Controlled characters may attempt a new roll to escape versus the Force-user’s Sense roll whenever the Force-user adds new characters to his control.
Located – Dark Force Rising Sourcebook p. 37

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