Corbin Maxx Memorial

Underneath Corbin's name is hung an Imperial Pet license. The name of the pet is Stinky.

"Corbin, May the Force be with you. You were taken away from us way too early." signed by Jericho

"To honor the great swoop racer I will launch a Flare-S Swoop off the Discovery's port bow & fire at it with a concussion missile in a grand explosive gestures. (Swoop packed with light show effects.) done by Slik

"Corbin - My nephew
Your cousins miss you very much. Your death will not go in vain or unpunished. You will be redeemed.
I miss you -

"I wish I knew you better." Pistolwhip

Corbin, I always thought your were an annoying kid. Now I regret letting you wander off alone.-Jynx

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