Corondexx Blast Vest

Equipment / Protective Gear / Protective Vests

Model: Corondexx Blast Vest
Type: Protective Vest
Cost: 3,000; 25 (power cells)
Availability: 2
Game Notes:

  • Protective Vest: The power cells project an ablative power screen that adds +1D energy resist, +2 physical resist. (All Torso only)
  • Power Cell Storage: The Vest can store six standard power cells. Each Cell is drained in 10 minutes of continuous operation.
  • Power Jacks: As an alternative option in place of power cells, the vest has power jacks allowing a small capacitor to be charted from a portable power generator. This requires one hour to fully charge each capacitor an power the vest for two minutes of continuous operation.

Source: Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (Page 87), Gundark's Fantastic Technology (Page 49)

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