Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type II
Hydrosphere: Saturated
Gravity: Heavy
Terrain: Jungle
Length of Day: 22 hours
Length of Year: 198 days
Sapient Species: Human, Belirian (allegedly N – no cities have been found, but they claim it as home)
Starport: Above Average
Population: 20 Million
Planet Function: Trade
Government: Imperial Governor
Tech Level: Information Age mostly, Capital City (Takorz) is Space Age.
Major Exports: Foodstuffs
Major Imports: Mid and High Technology, Luxury Goods

Basic System Data
Corvar is a jungle world, with 80% water coverage. It is constantly raining somewhere on this world (98% cloud cover). The populations of this world is mostly nomadic, living in floating cities. The only permanent, immobile settlement on this planet is Corvar City, the world’s capital. Though the planet has an Imperial governor, it is mostly an anarchy, and a haven for smugglers.

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