Cover And Its Advantages

Cover is an important part of Combat and can include a lot of things..

Listed below are some bonuses you can receive from hiding behind things and
environmental conditions.

Smoke is listed as an example only.. These bonuses could also apply to sandstorms smog
and other various sight obscuring conditions.

Equivalent to Light Smoke: +1D
Equivalent to Thick Smoke: +2D
Equivalent to Very Thick Smoke: +4D

Sight Modifiers (On the shooters Part)
NOTE: These are based off human standards.. If you have better vision or alternate means of
Targeting your opponent these may not apply.. Obvious example is stormtroopers. They have
a built in sight enhancer in their helmet which helps in "Low than normal" light conditions.

Poor Light: +1D to opponents dodge.
Moonlit Night: +2D to opponents dodge.
Complete Darkness: +4D to opponents dodge.

Cover in its true sense, Hiding behind something will obbscure a portion of your body. The
bounus given is based on how much of your body is hidden from sight.

1/4 Cover +1D
1/2 Cover +2D
3/4 Cover +4D
Fully Covered -May not participate in the shooting.. But you also cant be
shot at..

Cover Someone is Hiding Behind Can be Destroyed.. Protection And Breaking It.

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