Crazy Sullustans

“Looking at the spatial anomaly this close seems suicidal,” I muttered, “and we need to get closer?”

“Yes.” Nev Abassk says. “Can’t you see the first two ships in the convoy approaching? They seem to be heading just to the right of our current position. If we hide here in the gravitational fields and hyperspace shadows they will never be able to spot us. Then we slip out and follow them, picking off the last ship in line.”

He got to work on tuning the band new Comm Jammer we just installed. He also kept a close watch on the first two ships, Starknife and Shelltooth both SoroSuub patrol ships.

Behind me my cousin Jegg and his crew were just slipping into position. Both ships were heading for a point deeper in the anomaly.

"This thing got a name?" I shout across the cockpit to cousin Nev over the growing sounds of stressed metal coming from the ship.

"Yeah, its called the El’shuun Aa, and just wait until we get closer!" Nev answers with a shout.

As we entered deeper into the El’shuun Aa both ships were starting to feel the anomalies waves affect them; shields came up and I dumped all available power into the engines to keep from being bounced off our course.

As we pulled into our chosen hiding spot I contacted Jegg in the other ship.

“Ok, what are we supposed to do? If you tell me we just wait I am going to feed you to a Bonegnawer when and if we get out of here.”
The ship was starting to get hit by the inner waves of gaseous plasma and becoming harder and harder to pilot.

"Yeppers, just sit tight until the convoy passes" he replied. "Ain't this just fun Cousin?"

I glared across the cockpit at Nev who just gave me an innocent little smile and goes back to work monitoring the sensors. I can't but help muttering to myself and inventing things to do to my crazy cousins for always dragging me into these crazy kinds of situations.

So there we sat in the hyperspace shadow of the El'shuun Aa spatial anomaly, being buffeted and tossed about by high-energy stellar plasma-hydrogen and helium gases all the while wondering if the ship was going to be crushed like an overripe Ganna Mellon.

The time ticked slowly by as we continued to hold position. The stress and strain on both myself and the Dag'Da'Mor was building to a breaking point when finally it was time.

"It is time to bring the thunder boys" Nev announces much to my relief. I am not sure how long we waited there until the SoroSuub convoy passed by unaware of the hidden pirates lurking in wait for them.

The flight out was not nearly as bad as the flight in had been, it might have had something to do with us riding the waves of gases out instead of fighting them on the way in. Whatever the cause, I was very relived to be out of the El’shuun Aa and once again in open space. There before us was the lone SkipRay Blastboat that our information said would be the only guard between us and our chosen target.

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