Create Force Wraith

Create Force Wraith
Control Difficulty
spaceM (15) – creates 1 wraith
spaceD (20) – creates 2 wraiths
spaceVD (25) – creates 3 wraiths
Sense Difficulty
spaceE (10) – allows minimum contact, creator can sense status and issue long distance commands
spaceD (20) – allows creator to take control of a wraiths senses, allowing the creator to see and hear what is around the wraith up
space space spto 3 times a day.
spaceVD (25) – gives the creator unlimited access to a wraith’s senses, but also makes him susceptible to any damage the wraith
space space sptakes while the connection is in effect
Alter Difficulty
spaceE (10) – wraith strength = 2D
spaceM (15) – wraith strength = 3D
spaceD (20) – wraith strength = 4D
spaceVD (25) – wraith strength = 5D
spaceH (30) – wraith strength = 5D+2
Warning – User automatically gains a Dark Side Point.
Effect – This power allows a Dark Side Force-user to create servants called Force Wraiths. Force Wraiths serve their creators faithfully. When it receives damage equal to a mortal wound or greater (stun has no effect), it dissolves back into the darkness it was created from.
Located – Polyhedron #104 p. 12

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