Cuddle Time

Well it's been a busy couple of months and while already out on a mission and getting ready for a personal assult with my bestest bud Sara it was great to find some time to cuddle with my little squibie.

The new ship is gi-normous but squibbie has great taste. Not sure the ship's guns are as good as Darik's ship has….those are some serious weapons. Anyways…it was great to hang out with squbbie, I miss how his tail and leg twitches when you pet him behind the ears. I was also very proud to discover he set off a pretty good explosive and was elated he captured the momment on holo-record just for me.

I also happend to find a few old pin-ups of me from a few years back…sure it's in the old imp uniform but squibbie didn't seem to mind.

All in all it's been great and all though I think squibbie is a little pissed with Fred Slick for trying to talk me into a divorce, but why would I ever want to give up such a cute, and fluffy guy?

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