Customized Medical Backpack

Equipment / Medical / Healing

Model: Chiwab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company
Type: Advanced medical kit
Skill: First aid
Cost: 600
Availability: 2
Game Notes:

Treat all components as requiring an Easy first aid roll unless otherwise noted. Each kit contains the following items:

  • Hand-Held Diagnostic Scanner: Easy first aid or Moderate sensors roll. Provides readout of patient’s vital signs, specifics on injury and recommended procedures.
  • Medicines: Anesthetics, blood pressure, respiration and pulse regulation compounds, as well as other essential medicines (for a number of common species).
  • Emergency Procedures Database: Easy computer programming/repair roll. Based on initial scanner findings, this emergency database provides the user with a quickreference collection of treatment procedures.
  • Filtration Mask: Supplies sufficient oxygen flow; may also be connected to one of several atmospheric compound bottles for non-oxygen breathers.
  • Heat Closure Packs: Pressurized sealant bandages with medicines which, when exposed to air, cauterize and sterilize a wound up to 10 centimeters in diameter.
  • Laser Scalpel: Difficult first aid roll. Precision cutting tool.
  • Medicine Dispenser: Moderate first aid roll. Can be loaded with a variety of medicines.
  • Portable Repulsor-Stretcher: Collapsible one-person operation anti-grav stretcher capable of supporting up to 150 kilograms.
  • Pressure Cuffs: Circular metal sleeves of varying diameter (5-30 centimeters) which inflate pressurized chambers around wound area.
  • Sterile Heating Cloth: Covers an area up to 1.6 meters x 0.75 meters with a sterilized, heat-insulated covering.
  • 2 Universal Plasma Fluid Sacks: Require Moderate first aid roll. Intravenous feed provides universal plasma stabilization serums.

Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (pages 38-39), Rules of Engagement – The Rebel SpecForce Handbook (page 39), Arms and Equipment Guide (page 93)

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