Paid Vacation On Nal Hutta

The scene fades to a system far, far away… a highly polluted planet in the Y’Toub system. A planet by the name of Nal Hutta…

Somewhere on the planet two armored humanoids are discussing the fate of a lone individual. “So the Hutt didn’t want this scumbag after all? What are we supposed to do with him?” The larger of the two, looks at his companion as they walk down a corridor and says “He’s not interested in this idiot, he’s interested in someone else. Someone he’s willing to pay top credits for. We’ll question this guy until he gives us more information, than what he has already revealed. Once that’s done, considering what the reek-spawned rannat did to our partner I think we need to get him out of our way. Killing him has no profit, but…”

As the bounty hunter pauses in his statement, they two arrive at a secured door, punching in a code, the door slides open with a slight ‘whoosh’. Inside the low hum of a repulsor field is heard as a black spherical droid approaches the two. “Sirs, his resistance to the mind probing drugs is significant, however I’ve managed to get to some very important facts out of him which I will download to your datapad. As per your directives and as key interest he has revealed the name of a planet where Rockland Hawk is, the other is the name of his Jedi Master.” The Larger of the two bounty hunters looks to his partner “… but turning a rebel loving rogue Jedi padawan over to the Empire IS very profitable.” He then turns to the only other occupant in the room… a once highly energetic and eager teen, now a bloody, beaten, and barely conscious slab of meat. Eyeing his former opponent, the bounty hunter walks over to the human who is only held up by the restraints to the torture device he’s strapped to. Reaching out the bounty hunter grabs the sweat-soaked greasy black hair and pulls up the humans head so that he can look into his eyes. As saliva drips from the corner of the humans mouth, the bounty hunter asks the human “So Corbin, it seems Ogus had no use for you afterall… he’s after someone by the name of Rockland Hawk. Don’t feel bad though, I’m sure the Empire will take great interest in you, and I know just the person for you to visit.” Letting go of Corbin the bounty hunter turns and motioning for his partner they both leave the room ordering the droid to continue.

As the droid swoops in to administer another shoot of some serum, a brief flash of fear and desperation sparkle in Corbin’s eyes as they quickly lose focus to the drugs now taking effect.

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