The Interrogation of a Bothan

<The scene opens on a sparse cool metal room.>

The only light in the room comes from a softly glowing blue energy field that surrounds the beaten bloodied body of a barely recognizable Bothan. The body hangs flaccid in the air, supported by a softly humming repulsorfield. The only other sound in the room heard initially is the sound of the Bothan’s ragged, labored breathing.

<The camera pans back through one of the walls revealing a collection of imperial figures, and two hovering interrogation droids. Of note there is a highly decorated officer named Trask and an infamous Imperial Inquisitor by the name of Raddich.>

Inquisitor Raddich: There was some initial difficulty in getting through but I can confidently say we have retrieved all pertinent information that the ‘animal’ has. It is still clinging to its faith and belief in what it refers to as “the game”. However, I’m confident that should High Inquisitor Tremayne be interested in it, he can convince it otherwise.
Colonel Arvin Trask: I find your work unacceptable – this information is outdated and that makes it useless to me. Clearly your skills are not to the level I expected out of you. I shall be submitting a repo…

<Before Trask can complete his sentence his comm. blares on the emergency signal.>

Unknown Voice: Sir! I know I was not to interrupt but it seems that we have a Hunter team approaching and apparently they are requesting to speak to your prisoner immediately.
Colonel Arvin Trask: Do they have the proper security clearance codes?
Unknown Voice: The codes are slightly older Sir but I was about to approve their landing and give them the clearance they require.
Colonel Arvin Trask: Do so immediately. The Hunters are not ones to be trifled with.

<The scene cuts to a figure in elaborate dark robes with a similarly dressed follower behind him approaching the previous room with a contingent of Stormtroopers in tow. As the door shoots open the figures do not even pause and walk past Colonel Trask and Inquisitor Raddich.>

Inquisitor Raddich: "Master Hunter I can assure you that the beast has given me all of the information he has of pertinence, though dated, I will gladly provide it to you"

<Ignoring Raddich the hunter moves towards the detention door. With a simple gesture the door tears from its hinges and flies across the room. Even Trask is surprised by these strange tactics and before either of the men can react the hunter's adept steps before them.>

Dark Adept: In a condescending tone, the Adapt sneers, "My lord's mastery of the force is far beyond your modest skills Raddich. He will have the information we desire, one way or another. I highly recommend that you not interfere as it would be a sentence of death."

<The camera angle changes, following the view of the Inquisitor into the detention cell past the imposing Hunter Adept. With a flick of the Force, the repulsor field is turned off, yet instead of falling to the floor, the Bothan is not only held aloft, but slammed into a wall. The Hunter leans in close to the beaten body of the Bothan. Faint whispering can be heard but not made out. The body of the Bothan does not visibly respond until the hunter grasps the Bothan's forehead with one hand and lifts his limp skull. After a few moments the Bothan jerks as if electrocuted and his eyes shoot open. Raddich feeling the dark side of the force ripple as a mental connection is made, reaches out with the force and increases his senses and takes special note of every nuance of the Hunter's actions. The view then shoots towards the blood shot eyes of the Bothan and into his very memories. You see childhood play, his first kiss, his training in the force, loved ones of his, others in his clan on Bothwai, the secret location of rebel bases, compatriots and contacts, past missions for the rebel alliance, all flashing by and being discarded as useless. Suddenly the visions stop at the presence of a single crystal shard; one of the pieces of the Amulet of Exar-Kun.>

Hunter: His seathing voice of contempt hisses into the Bothan's ear, "Where is the piece now? Who did you give it to?"

<The image changes again, a view of an individual memory. The crystal is handed off to a human in a rebel technician’s uniform. The name ‘H. Ascott' is emblazoned across the name tag.>

Harold Ascott: "let me get this straight… you want me to send this to another Rebel for protection sake so that it won't fall into the wrong hands. And you don't want to know who it is? Yeah sure, that's child's play. Put it on the table and I will have it done by the end of the day." Ascott then returns to continue working on a small electronic gadget.

<The camera turns as if looking through the listener's eyes, a reflection caught in a piece of reflective metal in the workshop revealing the listener as the Bothan a few years younger and in a much healthier state. The scene cuts back to the detention cell.>

Hunter: Removing his hand from the Bothan’s head and wiping it on its shirt with open contempt. "Foolish beast, you can hide nothing from me. I will have my amulet in no time. You disappoint me - I had hoped for a challenge but I see that was not the case."

<The hunter releases the Bothan who collapses onto the floor in a rumpled heap. The Bothan’s eyes roll back into his head as fresh blood trickles from his nose and ears. Turning the hunter starts to exit the room, looking directly at Raddich.>

Hunter: Sneering, "Enough of a show for you Inquisitor? We are done here. Do what you will with the beast but do not let him free nor die, I want to know where to find him should I need to pay him another visit. The same goes for you as well Trask! Come my apprentice we have a new target to acquire, and the trail is already old."

<The camera then goes black due to the swirling dark cape of the hunter covering it as he and his escorts stride off to acquire the next target on their path towards the completed Amulet of Exar-Kun.>

Written by:
Tony Prokes
Brandon Lands

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