Equipment / Medical

Cybernetics Availability Cyber Points
Replacement Prosthetics 4 1
Cybernetic Hand 2, R 1
Cybernetic Forearm 2, R 1
Cybernetic Arm 2, R 1
Cybernetic Knee 2, R 1
Cybernetic Leg 2, R 1
Cybernetic Legs Package 2, R 1
Skeletal Reinforcement 2, R 2
Cardio-Muscular Package 3 2
Response ImprovementPackage 3 2
Hifold Sensory Package 3 2
Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes 3 2
Cybernetic Eye 2, R 1
Motion Interface Package 2, R 2
Ultrasound Sight Enhancer 4 1
Tremor Sensor 2, R 1
Neimoidian Data Goggles 3; F or R 1
Cyborg Construct 3 3
Weapon Mount 2, R 1
Cybernetic Nexus Ring 4, R N/A


Replacement Prosthetics
Model: BioTech Repli-Limb Prosthetic Replacements
Type: Cybernetic prosthetics
Cyber Points: 1 per replacement
Cost: The following costs include the basic prosthetic and operation:
Hand 1,000 credits
Arm 2,000 credits
Leg 2,000 credits
Knee 1,200 credits
Eye 2,750 credits
Ear 2,750 credits
Heart 5,000 credits
Kidney 4,500 credits
Lungs 4,000 credits
Availability: 4
Game Notes: The prosthetic is almost completely lifelike – a Difficult Perception roll is needed to tell the part from an organic one. The replacement has no special abilities.
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 29), Heir to the Empire Sourcebook (pages 109-110), Pirates & Privateers (pages 50-51)

Cardio-Muscular Package
Model: Neuro-Saav Corporation Cardio-Muscular Package
Type: Increases Strength attribute/skills
Cost: 800 credits per pip
Cyber Points: 2
Game Notes: Operation takes one week. Recipient must spend another week recovering and adjusting to new implants. Doctor must make three Difficult medicine rolls over the week of the operation for successful implantation. If any of the rolls fail whenever the character makes a Difficult or Very Difficult Strength or associated roll, the character must make a second Difficult Strength roll. If this second roll fails, the character muscles contract and the character falls prone for 2D minutes.
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 35)

Response Improvement Package
Model: ‘Geneering Response iMprOVEMENT
Package (RiMPack)
Type: Increases Dexterity attribute/skills
Cost: 700 credits per pip
Cyber Points: 2
Game Notes: To install, doctor must make three Difficult medicine rolls over the week of the operation for success. If any of the rolls fail, the character becomes highly agitated, or hyperactivates, whenever he rolls a 20 or higher with a Dexterity skill. During hyperactivation, the character is overwhelmed with sensory input for 2D minutes and is controlled by the gamemaster. The character may attack friends or foes, flee the scene or be hypnotized with fear.
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 36)

Hifold Sensory Package
Model: Neuro-Saav Hifold Sensory Package
Type: Increases Perception attribute/skills
Cost: 400 credits per pip
Cyber Points: 2
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 38)

Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes
Model: Neuro-Saav Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes
Type: Enhanced IR and UV eyes
Cost: 100 credits per pip
Cyber Points: 2
Game Notes:
Increases recipient’s search skill.
Base cost is 100 credits per pip of existing skill code, plus 200 per pip of enhancement
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 39)

Motion Interface Package
Model: SoroSuub Motion Interface Package
Type: Increases Mechanical attribute/skills
Cost: 400 credits per pip
Cyber Points: 2
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 37)

Ultrasound Sight Enhancer
Model: Traxes BioElectronics
Ultrawave Sight Enhancer
Type: Ultrasonic wave motion sensory system
Cost: 12,500; does not include cost of implantation surgery
Availability: 4
Game Notes: Sensory motion system implant feeds input directly into the user’s brain, creating a three-dimensional, black and white, sonic graph of the user’s surrounding. An Easy sensors total is required to properly calibrate wave receptors once implantation nodes are in place. Otherwise, a Very Easy Perception roll is required periodically (varies according to species) for normal use. Normal operating range is 50 meters and function is equally good in all environmental conditions excepting those involving severe electrical disturbances.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 37)

Cyborg Construct
Model: BioTech Borg Construct AJ^6
Type: Basic cyborg construct
Cost: 80,000 for unit, 70,000 for surgery, 400 cheaper if without cyborg/droid interface
Cyber Points: 3
Game Notes: Increases computer programming/repair by 2D. Increases any Knowledge or Technical skill by 1D. Construct can store up to 8D worth of additional information. Cyborg can read the data in his data banks at any time.
Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 31)

Cybernetic Nexus Ring
Model: Menendahl Cybertronic Nexus Ring
Type: Cyborg power interface
Cost: 5,000
Availability: 4, R
Game Notes: If the user stores one hour’s worth of energy, the prosthetic in question gets a +1D Strength or Dexterity bonus for 10 minutes. No more than 15 minutes’ worth of energy (use time; 1 1/2 hour charge time) can be stored by the ring. However, if a complication is rolled while the “charged” prosthetic is in use, the cyborg suffers 4D stun damage due to excessive energy feedback. If user employs the nexus ring more than once per week, have the user make a Moderate willpower roll for each additional use. If the roll fails, the cyborg has developed a psychological need for the boosted energy – if the user doesn’t boost at least once a day, the character’s Strength is considered reduced by -1D. While boosted, however, the character uses their full Strength and gets the +1D bonus for using the ring.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (pages 34-35)

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