Cyduct Chemical Booster

Equipment / Medical / Drugs

Model: Seselin Medicinal Electronics Cyduct E-23 Booster
Type: Interdermal injection system
Skill: First aid
Cost: 1,250
Availability: 3, F, R or X
Game Notes:

An Easy first aid roll is required for first time set up. A variety of different chemical compounds are available from physicians by prescription.

The booster holds up to 10 doses.

Serum Cost/Dose Duration Comments
DiMatolin 100 1 hour Negates Dexterity penalties in high gravity environments (up to 1.4 standard gravities)
Elisinandrox 250 10 hours +1D+1 to Strength or stamina to resist radiation sickness
Gresholl-polyforim 150 3 hours Negates Strength penalties in high-gravity environments (up to 2 standard gravities)
Haladreshin 200 8 hours +1D to Perception and related skills; effective as neurological stimulant
Requilisant 200 6 hours Negates Dexterity related penalties in low and zero gravity environments

Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (pages 43-44)

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