D'Abu'Da Abassk

D'Abu'Da Abassk

Rebellion Rank: Major also fully sponsored Privateer
Race: Sullustan
Home World: Sullust
Age: 27 Gender: Male
Height: 4' Weight: 80lbs
Hair: None

Objective: To make as many credits as possible.
Status: Currently looking for a decent jowl job.

Ships Owned:
The Dag'Da'Mor Ghtroc 720. Retired.
The Chalice of Binding Love SoroSuub Nestt-class. Heavily Modified. Known in some circles as the Parley Parlor.

Favorite Quotes:
Never say no to a Gentlebeing with teeth that big!
Its not my fault, that will be installed next week!
I am a non-combatant!
It is better to look marvelous than be marvelous!
Wait a second, I got this! PARLEY?!?

Born into a very large, extended family on Sullust, D'Abu'Da found out early on that a life as a corporate-drone was not in his future. It might have been his rebellious attitude or the fact that he flunked the SoroSuub admission test four times, but his life on Sullust was shortlived. He ventured out into the spacelanes in search of his fortune and a means to get back at the SoroSuub corporation.
It was during one of his many smuggling runs to StarForge Station that he ran into an interesting group of Gentlebeings that seemed to have similar beliefs in the Galaxy and how it works (i.e. how to make money in it). After several “eventful” trips with these folks he decided to join on, and thus became a junior member of the anarchist group known as Thunder Team.
After many journeys with Thunder Team and many close brushes with death at the hands of the mad Commodore Flash Meltdown I have decided to leave Thunder Team and join the Rebellion. Deep down I know that the Rebellion is my best chance to find the help to further my goals of freeing Sullust and crippling SoroSuub.

Known rebel friends:
The Lady General…Mam, Sir, Mam! Taylor Castel
Aide de'Camp to the General Harold Ascott
Sometimes personal pilot to Mathias Cordones
Partner in crime Qualen Pennik fear his gunnery.

Known Fringe Operators:
A very good friend and fellow Sullustan Claven Bastardson
A strange friend indeed but one who always has waffles Kas'tor

Smuggler's Log Where I have been and where I am going.

A New Chapter in Life

Bacta Time Some time spent recovering from a tough couple of months.


  • Ro Ti'art Bonded SoroSuub Pilot Specialist
  • Renn Suub House of Suub, Sullust
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